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Embracing a Biopsychosocial Approach to Pain Management:

The Latest Insights and Treatment Recommendations



Pain is a complex phenomenon that goes beyond mere physical causes or sensations. The field of pain research has made significant strides in understanding the multifaceted nature of pain and its treatment. In fact, thoe in the pain research community have learned more in the last 10 years than they have ever known before. Literally.

One key concept that has emerged from this work is the biopsychosocial model, which recognizes that pain is influenced by:

  • biological,
  • psychological, and
  • social factors.

This new, updated approach has revolutionized pain management, leading to the development of more effective and integrated treatment strategies. In line with the latest recommendations from the American College of Physicians, Creek Stone Integrated Medical in Amarillo, TX, offers these up-to-date and evidence-based integrated treatments for our patients experiencing long lasting, chronic pain.


Understanding the Biopsychosocial Model

Traditionally, pain has been predominantly viewed from a biomedical perspective, focusing solely on physical factors. However, research has shown that psychological and social factors also play a significant role in the experience and persistence of pain. The biopsychosocial model emphasizes the interplay between biological, psychological, and social factors in shaping an individual's pain experience.


Biological Reasons For Pain:

Biological factors means the physical reasons to have pain. A disc, a bone break, a bad joint, or a pinched nerve are some examples. Signs may include nerve sensitivity, inflammation, and inherited issues. The biopsychosocial model recognizes the importance of addressing these biological factors through targeted medical interventions as a part of treating the overall pain issue.


Psychological Reasons For Pain:

Psychological factors, such as stress, anxiety, and depression, can amplify pain and add to it becoming a long-term issue. This includes things like what a previous provider has told a patient that discouraged them or made them feel abnormal or fragile, what the patients beliefs around their current and future health and abilities are, if they are avoiding activities they love because they're afraid of injuring themselves, and other things like that. Recognizing the impact of these factors, the biopsychosocial model highlights the need for psychological interventions, such as encouragement, proper pain education, mindfullness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, to address pain from a psychological perspective.


Social Reasons For Pain:

Social factors, including family dynamics, work environment, and cultural beliefs, shape an individual's pain experience as well. This includes issues such as what support a patient has for their pain, what kind of financial means do they have to treat the pain, and what kind of faith do they have in their providers and their recommendations? The biopsychosocial model emphasizes the importance of considering social factors in pain management to create a supportive and understanding environment for patients.


The American College of Physicians' Recommendations for Low Back Pain:

The American College of Physicians (the world's largest MEDICAL organization), through its guidelines developed by Qaseem et al., advocates for a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing low back pain. The guidelines discourage the routine use of opioids and surgery and instead prioritize non-pharmacological interventions, such as exercise, spinal manipulative therapy, low-level laser, massage, acupuncture, heat, cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, tai chi, and mindfulness-based practices. These evidence-based recommendations align with the principles of the biopsychosocial model, emphasizing the importance of addressing pain through a broad management protocol.

Creek Stone Integrated Medical:

Leading the Way in Integrated Pain Treatment in the Texas Panhandle, Creek Stone Integrated Medical, located in Amarillo, TX ( the Heart of the Panhandle), offers state-of-the-art integrated treatment for pain based on the latest research and the biopsychosocial model. Our team of skilled professionals takes a personalized approach, considering each patient's unique biological, psychological, and social factors to develop a tailored treatment plan. With a focus on non-pharmacological interventions, including exercise, chiropractic care, medical care, massage, low-level laser, acupuncture, and education on the biopsychosocial model of care, Creek Stone Integrated Medical strives to provide care that gets to the root of the issue.

As pain research continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly evident that a comprehensive, broad management and integrated approach is crucial for effective pain relief. Updating our learning and thinking and embracing the biopsychosocial model allows healthcare providers to view pain through a multifaceted lens, considering the interplay between biological, psychological, and social factors. The recommendations from the American College of Physicians reinforce the importance of non-pharmacological interventions for pain.

For up-to-date, evidence-based integrated treatment, Creek Stone Integrated Medical in Amarillo, TX, offers a comprehensive approach that aligns with the latest research and understanding of pain management. Call us at 806-355-3000 and get on our schedule today. Most patients can be seen on the same day they call and the wait is minimum to no wait at all.

Let us help you climb out of the pit and start finding relief from pain today.


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