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Hormone Replacement Pellets: What You Need to Know

Hormone replacement pellets can be an effective treatment for hormone imbalances. Learn about the benefits and process. Find out if this treatment is right for you.


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been a popular topic of discussion for a while now, with men and women both using this form of treatment to help ease the symptoms of hormones that have become either deficient or simply unbalanced. However, there is a new and effective form of HRT that is gaining popularity: hormone replacement pellets.


Hormone replacement pellets, also known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), are small pellets made of natural, plant-derived hormones that are specifically designed to replace the hormones the body is no longer producing. They are only about the size of a grain of rice. Unlike traditional HRT methods, such as pills or creams, hormone replacement pellets provide a sustained release of hormones over a period of 3-6 months, meaning you only need to get them inserted every now and then rather than having to do something like gels, patches, and injections weekly.


How Do You Know If You're A Candidate For HRT?

Finding out whether or not you are a candidate for HRT or would benefit at all from it is incredibly easy. All you need is a simple blood test. This blood test is a hormone panel and can quickly determine if HRT is a gamechanger for you, or if it is not. That way you don't waste time and money. You are either low or not so it's black and white and super simple to find out. 


Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

One of the main benefits of hormone replacement pellets is that they provide a more natural and balanced form of hormone replacement. This means that the risk of side effects is greatly reduced, and the body is able to absorb and use the hormones more effectively.


Another benefit of hormone replacement pellets is that they provide a more consistent and stable release of hormones. Traditional HRT methods, such as pills, patches, or creams, often result in fluctuating hormone levels, which can lead to inconsistent symptom relief. With hormone replacement pellets, you can expect a sustained release of hormones, resulting in more consistent symptom relief and a better overall quality of life.


Hormone replacement pellets are also incredibly convenient, as they only need to be inserted ever 3 months for females and only twice a year for males. This means you can enjoy the benefits of HRT without having to remember to take a pill every day or apply a cream every few hours. With hormone replacement pellets, you can simply go about your daily routine, without having to worry about remembering to take your hormones. Not only that, but testosterone gels are messy and dangerous for children. If they come into contact with them, they may start to notice unnatural hormonal changes themselves. 



Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency


Hormone replacement pellets can also help to alleviate a wide range of symptoms, including being tired all of the time, headaches, lack of libido, brain fog, hot flashes, night sweats, dryness, and mood swings. For women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause, hormone replacement pellets can be a lifesaver, helping to restore balance to the body and improve overall quality of life. For men with low testosterone, it's basically a must!


Why Evexipel Pellets Rather Than BioT?

Here at Creek Stone Integrated Medical, we use Evexipel pellets rather than BioT. The key reasons we feel Evexipel is the better choice for your hormoney replacement pellts in Amarillo, TX are as follows:

  • Evexipel pellets contain a trace amount of triamcinolone. Practitioners and patients report seeing a reduction in scar tissue, better absorption, and a reduction in post procedure discomfort. In fact, patients commonly tell us they never experience any discomfort at all. 
  • the insertion technique that Evexipel providers use is atraumatic, meaning that the pellets typicall never extrude and there is less scar tissue. 
  • Evexipel pellets are pressed horizontally vs. vertically which creates a more even absorption pattern for the patient. 


Hormone replacement pellets offer a natural, convenient, and effective form of HRT that is quickly gaining popularity among both men and women looking for a way to alleviate symptoms of hormone deficiency.

If you think you might need Hormone Replacement Therapy, give us a call at 806-355-3000. One simple blood test can let you know without question whether you are a good candidate or not. 



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