Who is struggling with weight gain?

I have struggled with my weight basically my whole life. I was born at 10lbs 4.5 oz and just kept on growing. Some months I'm larger than other months but, in general, I am simply a big guy and always will be. This is a fact of life I have come to accept.

Being overweight does more to you than just physical obstacles that must be overcome. Struggling with weight can also be a major source of depression, anxiety, and worry. People commonly worry about their weight and the toll it is taking on their health but do not have the tools to rectify the situation.

Over the years, I have tried eating “healthy” and working out. Trust me I’ve tried. I’ve tried a number of different “weight loss” programs not to mention exercise regimens.

Some of the regimens I attempted over there years were more successful than others. But, none were ultimately sustainable long-term. This sort of repeated result can be extremely discouraging and can make a person just give up on trying to lose weight altogether.

It really wasn’t until my place of employment started offering yoga that I really started wanting to lose weight again. Believe me, I by no means want to be “skinny”. I really just want to know that I’m healthy. I'd like to be more flexible. I'd like to feel better overall. Chiropractic care does an amazing job at that but I was looking for something I could add to the chiropractic care mix that focused on strengthening and weight. 

Seeing myself in workout clothes was not a pretty image for me and then seeing how difficult it was to hold certain poses was absolutely frustrating. But, I stuck with it and, after a few months of doing yoga, I was feeling a lot better about myself and just feeling better in general.

I had lost a few pounds and was definitely more flexible.

Another motivator to lose some weight is that my best friend’s wedding was coming up quickly and I would like to have my bridesmaid dress taken in some! What an amazing thought and one I would have never considered prior to beginning this health journey.

So, about 3 weeks ago, I ordered a dress for her bridal shower, I did my measurements and ordered the dress online. When the dress finally arrived it would not zip up all the way. That was NOT a good feeling. Definitely NOT a boost to the ego. It was actually a hit on the ego and, when they say weight can make you depressed, this is one of the many examples of why the saying is factual. 

Atkins Diet

I was just going to go find a cheap backup dress, but then realized that I can do this! I had 2 weeks to drop some inches and lose a few pounds. So I decided to try the Atkins diet combined with my yoga regimen. It was something I had never tried before because of my love for carbs. I mean, honestly, who doesn't absolutely love their breads and pastas? Basically, in the Atkins diet, you cut out carbs for the first two weeks, eating meats, cheeses, veggies, and eggs. After the initial 2 weeks you can start adding carbs back into your diet gradually taking care to not over-do it.

After 2 weeks, I was down 4lbs and several inches. Yay! I tried my dress on the week of the shower and, low and behold, it zipped right up without any trouble at all. THAT is an ego-booster. That will make you feel amazing inside and out!

Meeting my first goal deadline, I was left wondering, do I want to keep doing this and stay on a healthy track or go back to the unhealthy way I was eating before? I have decided to stick with it. While I certainly miss bread, pasta, and potatoes, I give myself cheat days here and there where I am able to consume some of my favorites but, again, not over-doing it.

I guess after all these years of giving up on actually being healthy, I realized that everyone’s body is different and what works for some may not work for others. My advice to you is to NOT give up. Hold out until you can find what works with your body! Keep searching. Keep trying. In between your attempts at health and your searches for the diet that fits your lifestyle, make sure you keep walking and getting exercise. Activity and movement is healing. Not to mention the fresh air of being outside in the sun and staying active. It all works together. Sometimes in obvious ways and sometimes in subtle ways. But it all combines to create an increased level of well-being and health. 

When you are combining these efforts with pain-killing treatments like the best chiropractic care in Amarillo, massage in Amarillo, or Amarillo acupuncture, then your body has no choice but to feel better all around. 

As a side note; I also gave up Dr. Pepper and anyone that knows me knows how much I love it. While I still crave one on occasion, I have felt amazing since quitting. It has absolutely been worth every craving. 

* Authored by Creek Stone Staff Members

 Dr. Jeff Williams, DC, FIANM is a Fellowship-trained Neuromusculoskeletal specialist and chiropractor in Amarillo, TX. As an Amarillo chiropractor, Dr. Williams treats chronic pain, disc pain, low back pain, neck pain, whiplash injuries, and more. Dr. Williams is also the host of The Chiropractic Forward Podcast. Through the podcast, Dr. Williams teaches fellow chiropractors and advocates weekly for evidence-based, patient-centered practice through current and relevant research. If you have any questions for Dr. Williams, feel free to email at [email protected]

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