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Why do my feet hurt?

When I was a little girl I grew up out in the country. I ran up and down the yard, dirt roads, open pastures, and everywhere else and I did it all barefoot. Nothing stopped me and I never wore shoes. When you are young some things don’t hurt. But let me tell you, when you grow up and get older, you sometimes wish you would have taken a little bit better care of yourself. Most of us are finding this out now as we age. It reminds me of the old saying, "If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself."

Now, at almost 29 years old, I can hardly stand to walk without shoes. I have worked since I was 15 years old. I have waited tables, worked retail, and now I work in a fast-paced doctor’s office. I work for Dr. Jeff Williams, chiropractor in Amarillo. I have constantly worked on my feet wearing the most athletic shoes imaginable. I have to admit I’m pretty cheap when it comes to materialistic things. I used to wear flip flops from Old Navy off of the dollar rack.

That was until about 2 years ago. We had a big sale at a retail store I was working at back then. After a 12 hour shift, I came home and just landed on the sofa completely exhausted. I sat for about 15-20 minutes and then decided to get up and do some things around the house. The moment I stood up and applied pressure to my feet, it felt like something stabbed me in the bottom of my heel!

As I mentioned, I’m cheap so I put off going to the doctor for several months. After a while, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I called and made myself an appointment with a podiatrist in Amarillo, TX and found out that I had a heel spur and plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I left the Amarillo podiatrist with a steroid injection in my foot, a compression sock, and a boot because the pain was unbearable after the injection. Don’t get me wrong, the injection helped me pain-wise several days after the pain of the injection wore off. I didn’t have pain for maybe a week after the injection and then it slowly came back and even more intense. I couldn’t bear to go back for another injection after how painful the first one was. So I thought, “Maybe I’ll just buy me some new inserts for my shoes.”

Well, truthfully, all those did was make my feet sweat and stink.

As I mentioned earlier, I work in a fast-paced Amarillo chiropractic office. One of the things they recommend at our office is Cold Laser for problems like plantar fasciitis. Finally, I decided to give Cold Laser a try. Cold Laser is a low-level laser that emits a high-intensity light to treat chronic and acute pain as well as inflammation. I was a little skeptical at first. Like….what the heck is a light going to do for my foot?

Cold Laser Therapy in Amarillo Made Me Open Mouth & Insert Foot

I started doing Cold Laser three times a week on my feet. I did cold laser 6 times and did not have any pain for almost 3 weeks. I was able to get up in the morning and walk without feeling knives stabbing me in the bottom of my feet. I was no longer walking or limping around because of the pain in my feet. I realized that Cold Laser is much more effective than the injections and lasted much longer. I also finally took the plunge and ordered some custom orthotics for my feet instead of buying the cheap ones in the pharmacy section at stores.

It always seemed like a huge investment and I procrastinated way too long about taking care of my feet. But think about it, our feet are our foundation. They support our entire body weight. Don’t you think they deserve great support and comfort?

I am now pain-free. I no longer suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or my heel spur. I do Cold Laser on an “as needed” basis now to keep the pain away. My custom orthotics have tremendously helped my feet. I am a Mom and can’t just stay off my feet. You know how it is, as soon as you sit down….someone needs something.

If you are interested in trying out Cold Laser I would recommend checking out Creek Stone Integrated Care right here in Amarillo ( ), TX. We offer a wide variety of treatments for many different pain symptoms. Custom foot orthotics, Chiropractic care, traditional and advanced Massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga classes, and much much more.



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