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Benefits Of Treating Low Back Pain With Chiropractic AND Exercise

Lower back pain is a medical condition that is a common cause of visits to chiropractors. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke describes lower back pain as the most common reason for the job-related forms of disability across the globe. It is reported that about 80% or more of Americans may experience the condition of lower back pain at one point in their lifetime. Other studies have suggested the number is much higher.

Medical experts attribute this to the changes in the body due to aging. The fluid content in the spine and vertebrae tends to reduce as you grow older. Spinal discs easily experience irritation at this stage. As you advance in age, you lose your muscle tone, which makes your back more susceptible to injury. Not to mention the tendency to become more inactive and sedentary with age and with our current societal norms. It is, therefore, essential to strengthen your back muscles through a combination of spinal manipulation therapy and spinal manipulation therapy keeping in mind that the motion is the lotion for joints and movement is a key consideration in recovering from pain.


Causes of lower back pain

Causes of lower back pain may include the following:·     

  • Strain·     
  • Disc injury·     
  • Sciatica·     
  • Herniated disc·     
  • Spinal stenosis·     
  • Abnormal spine curvatures·     
  • Pelvic dysfunction·     
  • Pregnancy·     
  • Endometriosis·     
  • Uterine fibroid


Other conditions that may lead to lower back pain include·     

  • Arthritis is a result of joint inflammation.     
  • Spondylitis, caused by joint inflammation between the spinal bones     
  • Fibromyalgia occurs as a result of tenderness in muscles, tendons, and joints and may be a part of a larger condition generally termed ‘chronic pain syndrome  


Chiropractic treatment of low back pain using standalone spinal manipulation therapy

Amarillo chiropractors make use of spinal manipulative therapy to treat patients with low back pain. It involves mobilization and manipulation. Chiropractors use a different range of motion to carry out spinal manipulation on patients effectively. A chiropractor may apply thrust or manual impulse to a joint during or after applying a different range of motion at the lower back.

A popping or cracking sound often accompanies the spinal manipulation process. There are several benefits of using spinal manipulative therapy in the treatment of low back pain by chiropractors.

Some of the ways spinal manipulative therapy helps are by:·    

  • Increasing the range of motion and flexibility,      
  • Acts as an analgesic to reduce pain     
  • Helps improve proprioception and proper movement at the level of the low back joints    
  • Reduces venous stasis (improves blood flow) at the level of the low back joints


Benefits of treating low back pain by combining spinal manipulative therapy and exercise over spinal manipulative therapy alone

The use of standalone spinal manipulative therapy, though useful, almost certainly further improves the recovery process from lower back pain when combined with exercise therapy. We shall highlight the benefits of using a combination of exercise and spinal manipulation therapy    

  • Fast recovery process

A combination of spinal manipulative and strength therapy help to provide a faster recovery process from lower back pain. Exercises ensure the flexibility and strength of the muscles to reduce muscle stiffness. When chiropractors in Amarillo use manual stretching, thrusting, and other forms of spinal manipulation therapy in combination with exercise, the recovery rate is enhanced. Most importantly in cases of chronic pain syndrome, exercises and a widening sense of increased abilities give the patient more confidence which helps treat chronic pain from a cognitive aspect.      

  • Increase in muscle strength

Arthritis, which is a major cause of lower back pain, occurs due to weakness in the muscle. The muscles may not be able to withstand the pressure placed on it by the bodyweight or disk-related issues. Strength exercise helps in strengthening the muscles and increasing support, abilities, and confidence. Plus for ‘stretchy’ people, there may already be too much movement in the joints. In these patients, strengthening and support activities make the most sense rather than spinal manipulative therapy on every visit to the chiropractor.     

  • Treatment of weight induced back pain

People who are overweight commonly suffer from lower back pain. Excess weight in the mid-section may cause the pelvis to be pulled forward. Such a situation is commonly termed ‘lower cross syndrome’ and may lead to straining of the lower back, which is accompanied by severe pain. Excess weight may also cause degenerated disc disease, bulging disc, osteoarthritis, etc. Exercising regularly ensures that you shed some pounds while strengthening your muscles.


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