knee pain relief

The chiropractor may also utilize a different kind of manual therapies to help you in the treatment of your joint pain. Example of such therapies includes:

  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy: This is a kind of technique, which involves repeated strokes of a specialized instrument over the areas that need to be treated.
  • Therapeutic massage is also done to relieve you of those tense muscles on your back
  • Trigger point therapy is a technique the chiropractors uses to identify painful muscles around the area to be treated.
  • Manual joint stretching and resistance technique.

Getting off the bed and feeling those searing pains in your joints is in no way a pleasant feeling. You might want to roll back into bed and pretend it’s not morning yet.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for people suffering from constant joint pain. Especially osteoarthritis which is known to cause each morning to be a bit miserable for the first 15-30 minutes. And to even make it worse, most of us will at a point in our life suffer from one form of joint pain or the other. But on the bright side, this is something that can be managed. If you are dealing with severe pains in your joints, you can consider chiropractic treatment for joint pain.

What joints can be affected?

The question most people ask us is if it is possible for chiropractors to adjust any joint in their body. Well, this will depend on some factors. Most of the most common requests we get as chiropractors are neck and back, ankles, wrists, shoulders, and elbows. Any adjustment in any of these areas mentioned might result in the reduction of pains in that particular joint.

Do I need the help of a Chiropractor?

Most of us understand that pains in the joint are something that we might not be able to avoid in life. Though we may be tempted to try to live with it, why should you live in pain when there are Amarillo Chiropractors available to help make life more comfortable safely, conservatively, and non-invasively? You surely have no reason to live with the pain in your joints. We are too busy and just do not have the time to hurt. So keeping your joints in the best condition should be a priority for you.

How we can help

How Chiropractors Work

Chiropractors in Amarillo most of the time work by adjusting your spine. Their work has to do more with eliminating the movement dysfunction found in the joints of the body or in the vertebrae of your spine, which then alleviates your pains and subsequently improves mobility.

As mentioned, chiropractors in Amarillo also perform great when it comes to working on your joints. And just the way they work on the spine, chiropractors can also help in the adjustment of the joints to relieve tensions and then promote efficient functions of the body.

More than just adjustments

Apart from helping you in adjusting your joints to relieve you of pains, chiropractors can also offer many adjunctive therapies that will be of help to you.

  • Exercise/Rehab: Researc is very clear that spinal manipulative therapy combined with exercise/rehab is the dynamic duo of getting non-complicated musculoskeletal pain to behave and resolve.
  • Decompression: Decompression helps heal compressed discs, herniated discs, degenerated discs, facet pain, stenosis, pain running into a limb, and sciatica
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound is most often taken as imaging technology, what most people don’t understand is that if applied to joints and soft tissues, sound waves can produce massaging effects that help in the reduction of swelling and alleviate stiffness and pains.
  • Electrotherapy: Electrotherapy treats soft tissue injuries, and they are not painful at all.
  • Cold Laser: This technique is used in reducing inflammation, and it uses a non-heat producing light or laser that penetrates the tissue.

If you are suffering from joint pains and this is taking much of your time as you are not allowed to carry out your usual daily activities, then you might want to consider us. We are one of the best chiropractors in Amarillo, and our compassionate team will not only help you with the best and most effective chiropractic adjustment, but we can also provide you with knowledge on how to take control of your health.

Our lead chiropractor is a specialist in orthopedics and has an advanced certification in whiplash biomechanics and traumatology. Dr. Williams has currently finished all studies towards his certification as a Diplomate in the Academy of Chiropractic Orthopedists and will get certified this Fall.

Final Thoughts

Chiropractic care for joint pain works so effectively that you might not want to ignore. The VA and medical practitioners now commonly make referrals to chiropractors when it comes to severe pain that conventional medicine has not treated effectively.

Give it a try. Call us at 806-355-3000 and let’s get you started.