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Chiropractic treatment for stress and tension using acupuncture

Stress and tension are two conditions that affect the functionality of individuals. Both mental and physical pressure may occur on an individual who is passing through the phases of stress and tension. These two health conditions may produce a forceful strain which could affect your health state.

What is stress?

Stress is a way your body reacts to situations that are unfavorable, whether perceived or real. When you are stressed, your heart rate may rapidly increase. Other symptoms include tightening of muscles, a rise in blood pressure, etc. Stress can affect you in different areas of life, including emotional, behavioral, thinking ability, and physical health in general.

Classification of stress symptoms

Symptoms of stress may be classified into the following:

Emotional stress symptoms include:·     

    • Easily frustrated, moody, and agitated.·     
    • An overwhelming feeling of lack of control·     
    • Difficulty in relaxing

Physical stress symptoms include:·     

    • Headaches·     
    • Low energy·     
    • Nausea and constipation·     
    • Insomnia 

Cognitive stress symptoms include·     

    • Disorganization and forgetfulness·     
    • Racing thoughts·     
    • Poor judgment·     
    • Inability to focus properly  

What is tension?

Tension is caused by a nervous strain, which may lead to an unstable medical condition. Pressure on the brain can lead to tension and cause exhaustion. Stress and anxiety are likely to create tension. Other causes of tension may be due to neck pain or poor posture. Tension in the body may also be attributed to the use of certain medications. Tension in the nervous system, veins, and arteries can lead to a severe unbalance in the body's function. When the tension level in the body reaches its peak, an individual may experience sudden bursts of anger, show signs of violence.

Chiropractic treatment for stress and tension using acupuncture

Chiropractors in Amarillo and acupuncturists in Amarillo may use acupuncture as a technique to provide relief from stress and tension. According to research, acupuncture helps to aid the release of oxytocin which is a hormone that helps in regulating your parasympathetic nervous system. Effects of stress, such as high level of blood glucose, insomnia, high blood pressure, may be effectively reduced by the use of acupuncture therapy.

Stress puts your body in a fight or flight mood, while acupuncture signals to your brain that you are secure and safe. Acupuncture helps reduce pressure in the brain by making you feel relaxed, which automatically helps in alleviating symptoms of tension. With acupuncture, Amarillo chiropractors and Amarillo acupuncturists offer a curative and preventive care treatment of tension and stress, which serves as a viable alternative for certain medications such as the use of drugs or pain killers.

Acupuncture is a vital treatment option for stress and tension because it does not cause addiction, as is experienced by the use of stress and tension relieving drugs. Your body has its natural pain killers. What acupuncture does is to stimulate the release of endorphins, which activates the body's natural pain killers and reduces stress.

Furthermore, evidence-based reports have suggested that acupuncture helps to improve Heart Rate Variability Index. Improvements in Heart Rate Variability helps to drastically reduce and eliminate mental conditions, which are symptoms of tension.

Additionally, chiropractors use acupuncture as an effective therapy for other stress and tension related symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, heart disease, muscle pains, depression, etc. Acupuncture is an energy booster. Stress and tension may cause exhaustion and make you lose focus on performing your daily function. Symptoms such as these may cause you to be easily frustrated and moody. By inserting needles into the right energy or acupuncture points, patients may feel relief from stress and tension related is also advised to eat the right type of food to enable you to stay fit and healthy.

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