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Add This To Your Regimen: Lose Weight And Feel Great!

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As long as it is a part of a weight loss regimen, massage can play an important role in weight loss. A good weight loss regimen includes a healthy eating plan, with an exercise plan plus the addition of massage.

A massage can help with weight loss by helping flush and push fluids such as water and blood, and help with lymph drainage. This allows the body to get rid of toxins and excrete toxins from your system. Incorporating massage into your regimen has been proven to lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate due to stress. Massage also can help with the interchange between blood and tissue cells which helps bring back nutrients to tissues so that they can function better.

Adding a massage to your weight loss regimen is important because it can help lower stress and depression which helps with your overall mental health and attitude. Less stress helps your adrenal system to produce lower cortisol levels, which in turn helps decrease the accumulation of adipose tissue(fat) by boosting your metabolism.  Having less cortisol helps cut down on overeating and binge eating.

Massage can also help break up adipose tissue for the body in order to help absorb and burn fatty tissues in your body for energy. More energy and a better outlook can help you achieve your goals faster, with more confidence.

By also having your therapist do an abdominal massage, one can be helped with digestion issues and constipation. By massaging the abdomen, the therapist can help the body flush out waste that has become stagnant in the intestines.

You don’t have to have a massage every day for it to help you. By just getting a massage regularly once a week, or even once a month, you can help your body and help yourself with weight loss. By working closely with your massage therapist and letting them know your goals, together you figure out how often, and what type of massage is best for you to achieve all your weight loss goals with diet and exercise.

Massage can help in several ways.  Just give it a try and you should be pleasantly surprised and glad you went for it!

Raeann Mask, LMT

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