About 30% of the population over the age of 60 have experienced a sort of dizziness at some time in their life. And it is no surprise that we see patients of all ages seeking chiropractors in Amarillo to help them with their dizziness issue.

Studies have shown that a dysfunction in the neck, such as is seen in dizziness, is one major cause of imbalance reported by older people. Fortunately, one of the best ways to treat these conditions is through chiropractic care.


Why do we get Dizzy?

Dizziness can be a multi-factoral symptom rather than a condition with a specific cause. So when you begin to feel dizzy, it is your body’s way of telling you something may be a bit off. It is prevalent in older people, but it can affect both sexes at any age.

Dizziness might be a symptom of the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Damage to your ligaments or spinal joints
  • Dysfunction in your inner ear
  • Neck dysfunction
  • In some cases, a symptom of brain disease
  • Or it could be a proprioceptive problem (your motion detectors are giving bad information about where you are and how you’re moving!)


Chiropractic Treatment for Balance

Although most older people tend to approach general practitioners to get help in treating balance-related issues, one of the most effective cares is through chiropractic treatments. When an older person has a better balance, there will be less fear of falling and at the same time hope for quality life, and interestingly, chiropractors can help achieve all these. Certainly when combining exercise and balance rehabilitation training.


How Chiropractors can help

We all have different body systems and respond to treatment in different ways, but chiropractors, over the years, have been treating vertigo successfully.

With chiropractic care, the nervous system will be able to send and receive proper signals to the ear, vision, immune, and lymph systems of your body. If there is adequate communication between your inner ear and your brain, then there will be improvements in your balance.

We know where we are in time and space (proprioception) by using the eyes, the inner ear mechanism (vestibular organ), and the upper neck, deep intrinsic muscles. When something is awry with either of these areas, conflicting information gets sent back to the main computer (brainstem) and dizziness can be the result.

This is especially true if the source of dizziness is from an ear infection. The inner ear functions with fluid, so any damage, inflammation, or trauma can interfere with signals the body requires to balance and understand movement.

The eyes also have an essential role to play in the body’s orientation. When your vision is compromised, balance will be affected.


The Epley Maneuver

Once the chiropractor is sure that you do not have any obstructions with vision, depending on the laws of their state, they can conduct a process called Epley Maneuver!

 The human body identifies every movement around us, which includes our movement, via the vestibular system. With this system, our body can keep a balance so we can be able to perform our daily tasks. But when this systems malfunctions, it can lead to loss of balance and eventual vertigo.

The Epley maneuver is a non-invasive treatment where you will be asked to move and hold your head in some certain positions for a while. The procedure works with gravity to allow crystals in your inner ear to move from the fluid in semi-circular canals to other positions within the ear canal.

The chiropractor understands how to conduct this maneuver successfully. The success achieved with this procedure will depend on the number of crystals in both ears.

If done correctly, the Epley maneuver works fine in 90% of all patients.


How we can help

If you are suffering from dizziness and this is taking much of your time as you are not allowed to carry out your usual daily activities, then you might want to consider us.

We are one of the best chiropractors in Amarillo, and our compassionate team will not only help you with the best and most effective chiropractic adjustment, but we can also provide you with knowledge on how to take control of your health.

Our lead chiropractor is a specialist in orthopedics and the neuromusculoskeletal system and has an advanced certification in whiplash biomechanics and traumatology.  Dr. Williams is currently undergoing study towards his certification as a Diplomate in the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and will get certified in about two months.