Amarillo Chiropractor Says This Is The Rosacea Article That May Help

What is Rosacea?

I am new to this diagnosis as I was just told about 6 months ago that I had that along with dermatitis.

For years I suffered from redness in my cheeks and throat and sometimes even down onto my chest. It is frustrating and at times embarrassing, as people tend to look at you funny when you break out into red splotches everywhere.

Initially, I had gone to the dermatologist for some worrisome moles I had but when she did my upper body check she noticed the rash I had had on my face for several months. I told the doctor that I was unable to find anything to help with it and that I frequently break out like that. After she told me what I had, I decided to do a little research myself.

I found that Rosacea is characterized by small red bumps on the face that can be puss-filled. Gross right?

But, it was nice to know what I was dealing with and what treatment options were now available to me. While everyone’s treatment is different to match their unique skin type, I am currently using a sulfur face wash and foam moisturizer to battle rosacea. The rosacea has greatly reduced the number of outbreaks I have on average.

Now speaking of outbreaks, diet and stress levels can be big triggers so learning to keep a constant eye on what I eat and trying my best to minimize the amount of stress in my life, which is very hard when you have anxiety haha, were also very big in helping reduce the number of outbreaks.

Here at Creek Stone, we are offering a brand new service that can treat all kinds of issues. Invented by NASA, it treats pain, it is effective as an anti-aging treatment, and is very effective for treating acne and rosacea. It’s called LED light therapy and we offer LED therapy in Amarillo right here at Creek Stone.

It’s new and it’s exciting. If you would like a free consultation on it or some research abstracts to review showing (and proving) it’s efficacy, let us know and we’ll send it to you.

Knowing that Rosacea is incurable is not all that good of news but knowing how to manage it really can ease the frustration and anxiety associated with acne and rosacea.

Keeping with the LED and laser therapy theme, here is a video we did on cold laser therapy for the treatment of pain. Like the video for us if you don’t mind. It helps us get in front of more and more people. Enjoy and let us know what you think.


This article was written by staff of Amarillo chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Williams and is not meant to be used as medical advice.



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