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Tremendous Results With Amazing Evexipel Hormone Replacement Pellets

My personal testimony after using Evexipel myself


I wanted to use this week's blog space to give our readers my personal testimony and experience following my Evexipel procedure about 5 weeks ago. If you have tried BioT before, you may be surprised by my experience. First, for those unfamiliar, we need to talk about what hormone pellet therapy is, why hormone therapy is recommended for some patients, and who benefits the most. 



Here at Creek Stone Integrated Medical, we use EvexiPEL. EvexiPEL® is an advanced hormone substitute method that makes use of bioidentical hormone pellets to help men and women along on their adventure to overall fitness and wellness and a better enjoyment of daily living. EvexiPEL is the same product as BioT but with some key differences. The most important difference are that they are inserted in a smoother way that heals faster. For males pellets are put in the flank while females are in the glute/hip region. The next huge difference is that the pellets are covered in a steroid coating. This coating reduces inflammation, speeds healing, and reduces any risk of a pellet coming back out after insertion.

Dr. Terri DeNeui founded EvexiPEL after she became disillusioned with the conventional sick-care technique of Western medicine. She desired to do greater for her patients–she desired to assist them get well, live well, and stay well.



I have personally battled with hormone replacement therapy for about a decade now. My testosterone replacement battler began with gels. Who wants injections every week? Not me! So the beginning was with gels. I was disheartened by the warning labels on the gel. It was clear that I couldn't allow any of my small kids come into contact with the gel. Either straight out of the body or if it were still wet on my body and my daughter wanted to give me a hug. Because the contact with the gel could cause them to begin developing hormone issues and growing things they should be growing. 

Besides the unpleasant dangers to fellow small humans, the gels never seemed to make any difference for me. From there, I switched to injections. Injections had to be done once per week. Of course, we always forgot what day it was and to get it done. There were supplies we always had to keep up with. My wife didn't feel comfortable giving me injections so I had to go to see my sister in law's, who is an LVN, once per week and she was kind enough to oblige. 

Besides the fact that the injections never provided any noticeable difference for me, I got tired of having to go somewhere once a week to get a shot that didn't seem to make any difference in the first place. x

The next step was to try hormone replacement pellets. The only brand in town at the time was BioT. I liked the idea of paying for the convenience. Meaning that I only had to do it once every 6 months with a daily supplement. No supplies to keep up with and nothing to have to remember every week.

Having great relationships with many of our local medical professionals, I opted to have BioT pellets. It is a quick and easy procedure and my provider did an excellent job. Here's the thing though; it stayed irritated for a good 7-10 days! Which I wasn't expecting. I don't love pain but being a college football player, I have dealt with pain for years. It's not typically something that affects me strongly one way or the other. But this thing stayed sore on me long enough that I wasn't in a hurry to have it done again. 

However, it did make a difference in how I slept, stress, energy, etc. Absolutely. But I didn't opt to do it again for a while. 

Fast forward to 2021 when we integrated our clinic with a medical director and a nurse practitioner and brought Evexipel in as our chosen hormone replacement therapy. I was noticing more recently that I was getting tired. I wasn't sleeping well. More than anything, I was overwhelmed, stressed, and had anxiety that was off the charts. Almost like a hopless feeling in some ways on some days. 

That's when I asked our Nurse Practitioner to run the lab work on me and sure enough, I was way low again. It was time to give EvexiPEL a try. 

We set it up for a Friday after I was done seeing patients. It took about 15 mintues and I have to say, I had zero pain or discomfort. At all. I was blown away, folks. Typically you expect the deadening to hurt. Lidocaine kind of burns. But we use sodium bicarb with the lidocaine and that takes the sting out of it. So, from start to finish, I felt zero pain at all. 

I was figuring I had about 3-4 hours before the lidocaine wore off and it would start to get sore. I have a tall pickup truck and I fully expected getting in and out of it would become a chore by the time evening rolled around. Not true at all. 

If someone were to slap me on it or push on the spot, sure, it would have been sore but, otherwise, I had no pain at all. Not when I moved. Not when I slept. Not when I got in and out of the truck. No pain or discomfort at all. Which was vastly different from my BioT experience. I couldn't have been happiier with that part of the process. 

Then there's my symptoms; I am sleeping much much better. I'm getting tired at night when I am supposed to get tired. I'm not exhausted when I get up each morning. I have more energy during the day and seem to be in a more agreeable mood from day to day. I'm much more likable, I think. The absolute BIGGEST change in the last 5 weeks since getting the Evexipel hormone pellets is that I'm not stressed out and full of anxiety all of the time. Worries didn't go away. But they aren't affecting me on the level they were affecting me on. That's been the biggest blessing!



EvexiPEL is an advanced form of hormone replacement as it makes use of the very best elements sourced from nature. Each bioidentical hormone pellet is custom-compounded from products like yams and cactus leaves and designed to be structurally-identical to the hormones made in the human body. 

This guarantees that patient enjoy all of the benefits of hormone replacement without the dangers usually related to non-bioidentical hormones. 

Again, EvexiPEL is the same product as BioT but with some key differences. The most important difference are that they are inserted in a smoother way that heals faster. For males pellets are put in the flank while females are in the glute/hip region. The next huge difference is that the pellets are covered in a steroid coating. This coating reduces inflammation, speeds healing, and reduces any risk of a pellet coming back out after insertion.This means patients get the precise dose their body needs and they can avoid the rollercoaster ups and downs so commonly felt with injections, pills, patches, lotions, and gels. Plus, with pellets, there's no need to set a reminder to take a pills, no trouble with patches that fall off, or chance transference with lotions or gels.  

EvexiPEL providers, like us right here at Creek Stone Integrated Medical, are expertly-skilled and trained directly by the EVEXIAS Health Solutions team. Each clinic and provider is hand-picked to make sure Evexipel patients have the best results possible. 



If you have the following symptoms of hormone imbalance, you are a a potential candidate for hormone replacement treatent. A simple blood test here at our clinic can let you know for sure before deciding. Symptoms include:

  • sleepless nights,
  • consistent stress,
  • weight gain,
  • sexual dysfunction,
  • anxiety,
  • depression, or
  • irritability,

Females that have gone through menopause and/or an hysterectomy are typically good candidates as well. 


If you have any of these symptoms or are just curious if Evexipel and hormone replacement is a fit for you, call us at 806-355-3000 and make an appointment to meet with our Nurse Practioner. He can tell you all about Evexipel and do a simple blood test to see if you are indeed a candidate for hormone replacement. 



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