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Why A Healthy Lifestyle Is The Key To Confidence!

First of all, it’s hard to be healthy these days. With so much fast food around us and life getting in the way, it’s difficult to eat healthily and find time to exercise too. If you are anything like me you procrastinate more than anything. I would like to slim down to what I was before I got pregnant with my son 6 years ago. That goal seems so far away at times but I know it’s possible.

I know I'm not the only one in this position with these desires. Weight loss and an overall sense of being healthy are high on most of our lists. Just look at how much money is made in the diet and weight loss industry as well as in the gym and CrossFit industries. 


The first thing I have implemented is that I always start my morning with breakfast. It has been suggested by experts that a sensible breakfast helps give your metabolism a kick in the pants first thing in the morning. My favorite routing for breakfast right now is yogurt with granola and fruit. You can stop at a fast-food restaurant and pick one these up and spend $3-$5 a day, or you can go to your local supermarket and get everything you need to make enough for a week for under $10 which, of course, makes more sense financially. 

I used to skip breakfast every morning thinking I was doing myself a favor. Now that I eat breakfast every morning I’ve noticed I’m less hungry at lunch and it’s easier to not over-eat for the rest of the day.

Lunch & Supper

For lunch and supper, I’ve cut my portions in half. Whatever I used to I only eat half as much or I only eat until I’ve satisfied my craving or hunger. I no longer eat second helpings. Now, I give it more thought. I realize now that, when I would go back for seconds, it wasn’t because I was hungry. It was because I loved the taste of food! That is usually the case. Especially when you consider how big our plates are these days. It really takes some work to eat an entire plate of food. Much less a second plate!

Well, after gaining about 40 pounds and all my clothes fitting tighter and the double chin beginning to look like a triple chin… seconds don’t look so good anymore. I eat whatever I want but I do my best to not overeat. It’s hard enough to work out but it’s much more difficult when you are stuffed and in a food coma.

Working Out

The next thing I try and do is at least work out three times a week. Sometimes I try and do more. I know, I know. You’re saying, “Psh, I don’t have time for that.” But just finish reading. I don't have time for it either. I’d much rather sit and eat a piece of cake or something like that. I hate that I get so tired all the time and feel so out of shape. I am not the type to go work out at a gym in front of all those intimidating people. I do it on my own at my own pace. Just remember; champions don't take a day off and don't we want to be champions??

Everyone has a part of their body that they want to be thinner or to look better. Mine is my stomach. I do a 15-minute intense work out at home that targets the belly. So instead of scrolling through my news feed on Facebook every night for 15 minutes I get up and do my workout.

I also work with a chiropractor in Amarillo that offers Yoga Flow in a smaller setting with smaller classes. I have discovered recently after trying it out that I love Yoga! It has not only helped me lose a little weight but it has also helped me with stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga also helps strengthen core muscles that can also help get a flatter tummy.

When I decided to finally try and get in shape, I weighed 194 pounds. My goal is 160. After just a month of faithfully cutting my portions and spending at least half an hour working out or doing Yoga, I am now down to 178. When I began, it all seemed impossible. I was sore but once I made a habit out of it and stuck to it, the workouts became easier. I would weigh in weekly in the mornings and looked forward to seeing my results on the scale.

Seeing results is exciting!!

Not everyone can go and lift weights or run three miles a day. You just have to find what works for you and your schedule. I work full time, I’m a wife, a mom, a daughter, and this works for me.

There are baby steps to health like "Couch to 5K" apps or the app called "The 7-Minute Workout." These are great ways to get yourself back into a healthy state gradually and sensibly. 

I may not be dropping as fast as I would like but I know I will get there. Also by making better eating habits, I will be able to keep the weight off. I hope this reaches someone that feels like I do and I hope that you benefit from it because you CAN do it!

There is nothing like exercise and living a healthier lifestyle to build your confidence. Not only in external aspects of your life but, most importantly, when you look in the mirror every morning.

This blog was written by staff members of Creek Stone Integrated Care in Amarillo, TX


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